Concussion Care

Many local schools utilize the ImPACT Concussion Management Program to assess the cognitive and physical signs and symptoms of a concussion. Dr. Susan Wu is Decatur’s only Credentialed ImPACT Consultant.

Having a physician in the community who places importance on using the same system, enables patients and their families to feel more comfortable with the continuum of care they receive and consistency of assessment tools used to help return the patient to school, work, and activities.

ImPACT is a computer based program that measures the cognitive ability of the patient before (Baseline testing) and after (Post testing) a head injury has been sustained. The ImPACT program provides doctors and patients with objective numbers that are able to be compared to previous testing in order to assess improvements in recovery.

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Contact us to schedule an appointment for a Baseline Test (pre-concussion testing) or if you have sustained a concussion and need further evaluation.

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